Our new online booking service makes confirming appointments so much easier for you. And thanks to our fantastic variety of beauty and nail treatments, you can easily find the perfect treatment for you. Simply follow our step by step guide below, and you’ll be set up in no time.

STEP 1: Confirming Your Treatment

[mk_steps step=”5″ icon_1=”mk-li-check” title_1=”Select Your Treatment” desc_1=”Once you’ve found the treatment you’re interested in, simply click ADD TO CART or click on the Treatment.” icon_2=”mk-li-user” title_2=”Select Your Therapist” desc_2=”Now choose your preferred therapist from the dropdown menu of therapists for that treatment.” icon_3=”mk-li-calendar” title_3=”Select An Available Date” desc_3=”Either input the date manually, or click the “CHOOSE…“ button to select the date of your treatment.” icon_4=”mk-li-clock” title_4=”Select An Available Time” desc_4=”From the available time slots, simply select your preferred time for your treatment.” icon_5=”mk-li-like” title_5=”Now Confirm Your Booking” desc_5=”Once everything is selected, the BOOK NOW button should allow you to add your treatment to your cart.”]


STEP 2: Confirming Your Order

[mk_steps step=”5″ icon_1=”mk-li-cart” title_1=”Time To Checkout Your Order” desc_1=”Once you’re happy with your selected treatment(s), hover over the shopping cart and select CHECKOUT.” icon_2=”mk-li-notepad” title_2=”Fill Out Your Billing Details” desc_2=”Fill out your personal and/or company billing details and provide an email address to link your customer account.” icon_3=”mk-li-money” title_3=”Select Your Payment Method” desc_3=”Your booking will only be confirmed once payment is received. So select your payment method upon Checkout.” icon_4=”mk-li-mail” title_4=”Get A Confirmation Email” desc_4=”Once your appointment is confirmed, you should receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.” icon_5=”mk-li-shop” title_5=”Visit Our Beauty & Nail Bar” desc_5=”Once you’ve received your confirmation email, your booking is done. Its time to get pampered!”]