Urban Beauty Academy Financial Support

Option 1

  • Non refundable registration fees of R1000.00
  • Tuition fee of R38,000.00
  • Full payment of Tuition fees before Enrolment day

Option 2

  • Non refundable registration fees of R1000.00
  • Tuition fees R40 000.00
  • Deposit R15 000.00 upon enrolment
  • Payment of R3125.00 monthly over 8 months

Option 3

UBA has an understanding and agreement with FUNDI loans (Previously known as EduLoan).

Eduloan (monthly installments)

See the pamphlet for details about Fundi Loans. For more Information please contact 0613701028 or email thornw@eduloan.co.za or download the application form and return to him.

Option 4


Study assistance based on grants made available by Services SETA or any other government body.

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