Our team at Urban Beauty Academy, pride themselves on producing not only talented beauty therapists but also that we instil in our students a sense of duty and make sure that they realise that the impression you give off as a beauty therapist will either grow or kill your career. Generally most of our students start at our academy because they think that the life of a beauty therapist sounds quite glamorous. Meeting new people everyday and making them look and feel good sounds quite awesome! Part of doing this job successfully means that a beauty therapist has to adhere to a certain conduct regarding their behaviour. Let’s look at what is expected of a beauty therapist.

Firstly, professional standards are quite important. Therapists are required to be registered and commit to the attainment of their appropriate qualifications. It also means that you might have to attend additional training sessions or workshops to improve your skill and qualification. It’s expected of a beauty therapist to always be up to date with knowledge and skills available in order to provide a service of a quality standard – this includes reflecting on your own practises, identifying development needs and undertaking certain activities to fine-tune your skill.

Mistakes do happen and it is part of being human, but a beauty therapist is required to accept responsibility for any mistakes and be accountable for their conduct. It is a personal responsibility to keep improving yourself and your skill!


The second thing is to remember to treat people within their rights. However this also means that your own rights should be taken into account when people are communicating with you! Make sure you deal openly and in a transparent manner with your clients. Show respect towards individual differences and diversity and don’t discriminate or treat a client unfairly. Remember to be discreet when dealing with confidential disclosures from clients. They do not want their issues discussed and gossiped about and they are trusting you with sensitive information – make sure you keep their trust or you might lose them as a client! Ensure that any and all contractual arrangements you have with your client are clear, transparent and unambiguous to avoid any possible misunderstandings!


The third important thing is to build relationships. Try to develop and maintain healthy relationships with your clients and base it on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect. Make sure to demonstrate awareness that the client’s needs are a priority and always promote their welfare and best interests first when planning an appropriate treatment. Be clear in all forms of communications and ensure honesty, accuracy and cooperation when you are trying to make agreements. Remember the age-old rule: The customer is always right!

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