Six Requirements to become a top beauty therapist!

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So you want to be a beauty therapist. We are happy you have made this decision and our team at Urban Beauty Academy welcome you to the exciting world of beauty therapy. Urban Beauty Academy has compiled a list of qualities that will make you a popular and successful beautician after completing your studies at our beauty academy. Here they are, all equally important:

  • Good health with no allergies to beauty products:

A very important requirement. As a beautician you will be exposed to treatment chemicals for hours on end. Even though these chemicals provide little danger to clients, clients are only exposed to them for an hour at a time. You will have to be sure you aren’t sensitive to any of the chemicals used and have no potential allergies as this will definitely mean that your career won’t last long if it happens at all. At our beauty academy you’ll get practical exposure to a lot of the products so you will be sure before starting out. Do contact our beauty academy or any other industry expert to make sure about the dangers of beauty chemical exposure.

  • Neat personal appearance at all times:

One is essentially selling a product and the first tangible advert for your product is your own personal appearance. Just like you won’t feel comfortable visiting a dentist with poor teeth, a client visiting a beautician would like to see that her beautician will take as good care of her as a client as she does of herself personally.

  • Pleasant and tactful:

Dealing with people everyday a beautician will soon learn that the service starts the moment you make contact with the client. A pleasant hello and welcoming demeanour can do wonders to calm nerves of a first time visitor. Tact regarding any little imperfections is very important too. The client may be well aware of the mole or blemish and will be self-conscious about it. Part of the daily job is to be tactful when discussing treatment options and while doing treatments.

  • Genuine interest in people:

Connecting with your client is very important as the treatments and services are very intimate. It is therefore incredibly important to have and display a genuine interest in your client and connect on a more personal level than merely professional. The genuineness of your approach will leave a lasting impression and keep clients returning.

  • Sensitivity when dealing with clients for body and facial treatments:

To add to the requirement for tact, it is incredibly important to remain sensitive to the insecurities your client may suffer. Part of the allure of a beauty salon is to feel pampered and safe, so it is beneficial not to remind your client of their daily insecurities. When you do happen to touch on a sensitive topic, reassurance is essential. At Urban Beauty Academy the experts will show you how to approach these little obstacles.

  • Good hand-eye coordination:

The work a beauty therapist does can be very intricate at times. Doing design work on nails, applying make-up to eyes and removing hair from sensitive areas all requires good coordination between hand and eye. If you are not naturally talented in this area, some repetitive training can help you.

There you have it. Six of the qualities we at Urban Beauty Academy believe are required to make for the beginnings of an excellent beauty therapist.

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