How can I make a group booking?


Doing a group booking takes a few additional steps but is pretty simple once you understand how our new online bookings work. To book a group, each booking per member must be done individually, but can all be allocated to one Cart/Order. Simply go to the treatment you want, choose your therapist for the first person, then the date and time, and then click Add To Cart. Now do this again and choose a different therapist for the same time-slot for each member in your group. Once you’re happy with your order, simply click VIEW CART, and proceed to Checkout.

*Please note that should your treatment only be performed by a group of therapists smaller than the group size, you may have to choose a slightly later time-slot for the rest of the members in your group. We apologize for this inconvenience.

*TIP – to check if the various therapists are available at the same time, simply select the date and time, and then change the therapist in the dropdown menu to see if your preferred time is available for each member in your group.

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