Is Beauty School for me?

beauty school

Should I study at beauty school next year? What options are there for someone interested in beauty therapy? Our team at Urban Beauty Academy have put together our top 5 reasons why you should consider a career in beauty and kick-start your journey at Urban Beauty academy:

  • There is increasing demand for qualified therapists:

There is currently over 400 jobs listed on the popular Gumtree website for beauty therapists. Internationally the prospect of finding employment increases even further, especially in more affluent first word countries.

  • Have an entrepreneurial itch? Start your own business:

One of the easiest skill sets to transfer to a business of your own is that of a beauty therapist. Utilising skills and techniques taught at a beauty academy one can invest with very little capital in a smart little beauty salon. One has only to look around to see how many independent salons are operating in or close to your area. Urban Beauty loves to see students blossom into young business owners.

  • Job fulfilment:

If you enjoy people, you will find job fulfilment in the beauty industry. You get to treat a variety of different clients each day, each one of whom brings a different experience to your day. Added to this is the benefit of knowing you added something to your client’s live by providing a great service.

  • Ever growing industry:

With the average age ever-increasing, beauty treatments are becoming more and more important. With more people living to an older age than ever before and with technology always improving there is no reason one has to look one’s age. We believe that clientele will only increase, both due to the aging factor and the increase in wealth across the spectrum.

  • A wide variety of potential career paths:

Urban Beauty prepares you to be a balanced beautician. However at the beauty academy you will be exposed to a variety of possible specialisation areas. As a specialist you can establish yourself as a pre-eminent beautician in your field and unlock considerable earning potential. Specialisation can be pursued as a nail technician, make-up artist, facial skin care therapist, massage therapist, retail cosmetics assistant, salon manager or lash and brow specialist.

Urban Beauty invites you to explore the world of beauty therapy and join us in 2015 to start your journey at our beauty academy.

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