Urban Beauty Hair Academy presents what to expect in a day as a hairdresser

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Our team at Urban Beauty Hair Academy have put together this article to highlight what our our prospective students can expect to experience during a typical day as a hairdresser. Firstly, no two days will ever be the same but we would like you to be aware of how a day can possibly pan out.

  • Getting off to a good start.

In the morning it is important to stick to a routine that gets you going. Don’t skimp on breakfast as you will need the energy for a busy day. Have that cup of coffee if it is your thing or multi-vitamin, whatever it takes to get the juices flowing.

Having a neat appearance is essential so take the time to get your look right.

Check your appointment book to familiarise yourself with your bookings in order to effectively prepare and plan your day.

  • Setting up your work area.

Depending on your position in the salon, this may include a wide variety of tasks. A salon owner will have to complete admin and managerial duties on top of that of a stylist. As a stylist your first priority is to ensure that your section is neat and tidy, with everything close to hand.

  • Your first client.

Dealing with clients is the most important aspect of your job. You have to make sure the client leaves the salon happy and relaxed. Firstly you will consult with the client. Understand what she desires for her hair and then how the skills taught at Urban Beauty Hair Academy can be applied to make her wishes true.

  • After your first client.

After your first happy client leaves, you need to get your section and the salon ready for the next client. So hair needs to be swept up and section units require being clean and wiped over. Disinfect razor and so forth. You want to your next client, and your next one after, to all experience the same level of service.

  • Keeping well stocked.

You have to be aware of your sections stock levels in regards to products typically used. You don’t want to run out in the middle of a dye treatment. Make sure you are well stocked and if you are retailing hair-care products keep tabs on these stock levels too. Urban Beauty Hair Academy will introduce you to the most essential products, but every hair stylist and salon develops their own preferences.

  • After work.

It is very important to unwind and relax after a strenuous day at the salon. Even though you’ll most likely find the job very rewarding, you need to shake of body and mental strain. A visit to the gym or other form of exercise helps. Make time for different interests and hobbies to keep the mind active and creative.

We at Urban Beauty Hair Academy believe that our qualified students will be well prepared and eager to embrace the exciting life of a hair stylist.

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